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Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group – an empowering combination!

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The 5-week RESTART® program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from having to process toxins like sugar.

With a 3-week sugar detox built right in, the program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut sugar and carb cravings.

Discover how good you can feel!

Restart iconBenefits you can expect 


  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced cravings
  • Better and more restful sleep
  • Boosted immune system
  • Mental clarity and improved mood
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Reduced PMS/Menopause symptoms

Restart iconWhat you’ll learn


Week 1: How to prepare for your REAL FOOD sugar detox.
Week 2: Your digestive check-in. Sugar detox begins.
Week 3: What sugar really does in your body.
Week 4: The truth about FATS.
Week 5: How to move forward and celebrate your success!

Restart iconWhat’s Included


  • Five 90 minute meetings
  • Peer support group in-person and on Facebook
  • Email support
  • 3 week sugar detox
  • Colorful educational materials for each class

Restart iconWhat people are saying 


Elva G.
RESTART® Participant

“You have motivated and taught me how easy it is to make better choices and give me control of my well-being. The best part is that I feel great, I sleep well and wake up feeling good! Thank you, RESTART®”

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