Personalized Nutrition for Sustainable Weight Loss

Change your eating habits and lose weight for good

I help people who want to get off the dieting rollercoaster and lose weight for good. Together we create a personalized plan that’s enjoyable, sustainable and enables you to change your eating habits. I combine nutrition science with coaching to support the physical and emotional aspect of your weight loss journey.

Lose weight sustainably

and keep it off for life

While many programs focus on quick weight loss results, I focus on getting you sustainable results. Because when you lose weight quickly, you gain it back just as fast. To keep your weight loss, you need to take time to build new eating habits and change your relationship with food. So by the time you’ve lost weight, you have mastered all the necessary skills to keep your comfortable weight.

The support you need

A nutrition expert and a friendly accountability partner

You don’t have to struggle on your own anymore. Weight loss gets so much easier when you have a supportive accountability partner on your side. You also get an expert in nutrition science to guide you through confusing and overwhelming information. I’ll give you peace of mind and freedom from feeling anxious or guilty about your food choices.

accountability partner
healthy eating habits

Enjoy Your Food!

Keep the healthy foods you love

You probably already know a ton about nutrition and eat plenty of healthy foods. So you keep the foods and the habits working well for you and gradually adjust the ones that are not helpful. No need for drastic changes! And if you have cravings for unhealthy foods, we work to change your relationship with those foods and free you from emotional eating.

Your process is unique

Find the balance between easy and effective

You go at your pace to make the weight loss process as easy as possible. Your mindset and environment can make healthy choices easy and enjoyable. You reconnect with your core values to make your goals meaningful and successes rewarding. You adopt an attitude of curiosity and kindness and learn to be your own weight loss coach. 

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Convenient tools

Secure online platform and video calls

Meet with me at the comfort of your home or office at the time that works for you. My secure online platform allows us to stay connected via messaging, exchange documents, request, or reschedule sessions. A user-friendly food journal and lifestyle tracking app give both of us a lot of helpful information.

Meet Olga Afonsky

As a board-certified clinical nutritionist, I work in Washington DC and virtually by video conference. Most of all, I love connecting with my clients and supporting them on their weight loss journey. I use my coaching skills to help them develop healthy eating habits that allow consistent weight loss. As a result, my clients stop dieting and start living their life. I guide them to learn many self-care skills that free them from cravings and help establish a friendly relationship with food and their own body.

I also collaborate with an integrative medical practice called Restorative Health.

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Kind words from my clients

Olga Afonsky has been my nutritionist for about a year now. I'm learning so much from her. She is professional and very knowledgeable about food and body chemistry. In addition, she listens and incorporates your personal lifestyle habits and dietary needs. She is creative in helping you establish a nutritional food plan that helps support you reach your health and nutritional goals. I recommend her highly.
Washington, DC
I should open by saying Olga helped me lose forty pounds. My blood sugar, which was borderline diabetes, and blood pressure, which was borderline hypertension, are both now within normal range with no meds. I can’t recommend Olga more highly.
Washington, DC
Olga is a very knowledgeable nutritionist. I know A LOT about nutrition from a scientific degree and interest and she taught me so much. She's also supportive and has a focus on sustainability while providing guidance. I would recommend her to anyone especially folks interested in low carb/keto though she could provide any eating style guidance as well. Highly recommend!
Wow, Ms Afonsky was absolutely the best person to speak to about my sugar addiction/weight gain issues. She listened like a friend and gave advice like a wise nutritionist. Ms. Afonsky helped me pinpoint the underlying reasons for my constant sugar cravings and how to avoid them. I am happy to say that 7 days after meeting with Ms. Afonsky, I lost a solid 5 pounds. Incredible right? She's just that good. Thank you Ms Afonsky
Washington, DC