Hi There!

I’m Olga Afonsky, a weight loss nutritionist in DC.

I believe that natural, unprocessed food is the best nourishment for our body. If you would like to enjoy optimal health and stay in shape, consider investing in eating well.

The food should be delicious as well as nutritious. Therefore, I hope to bring you back to your kitchen and make cooking a fun and fulfilling process, like I know it can be. Besides, I can help you free yourself from anxiety and guilt around food choices at restaurants or grocery stores.

I consider myself an additional resource for you. You have the inner wisdom to be successful on your journey to health and ideal weight. What I bring to the process is an outside perspective, knowledge of nutrition and physiology, and a friendly voice when you need cheering up. 

Olga Afonsky nutritionist DC

Kind words from my clients

Olga Afonsky has been my nutritionist for about a year now. I'm learning so much from her. She is professional and very knowledgeable about food and body chemistry. In addition, she listens and incorporates your personal lifestyle habits and dietary needs. She is creative in helping you establish a nutritional food plan that helps support you reach your health and nutritional goals. I recommend her highly.
Washington, DC
I should open by saying Olga helped me lose forty pounds. My blood sugar, which was borderline diabetes, and blood pressure, which was borderline hypertension, are both now within normal range with no meds. I can’t recommend Olga more highly.
Washington, DC
Olga is a very knowledgeable nutritionist. I know A LOT about nutrition from a scientific degree and interest and she taught me so much. She's also supportive and has a focus on sustainability while providing guidance. I would recommend her to anyone especially folks interested in low carb/keto though she could provide any eating style guidance as well. Highly recommend!
Wow, Ms Afonsky was absolutely the best person to speak to about my sugar addiction/weight gain issues. She listened like a friend and gave advice like a wise nutritionist. Ms. Afonsky helped me pinpoint the underlying reasons for my constant sugar cravings and how to avoid them. I am happy to say that 7 days after meeting with Ms. Afonsky, I lost a solid 5 pounds. Incredible right? She's just that good. Thank you Ms Afonsky
Washington, DC

My Training

I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology and another one in Nutrition and Integrative Health. I’m a Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner (CNS), Licensed Nutritionist (LN) in DC, and Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (LDN) in MD.

Get To Know Me

Olga Afonsky, weight loss nutritionist

I’m originally from Moscow, Russia, where I’ve met my husband, Nick. We lived together in three countries – Russia, France, and the US, and had a child in each one. Ruby, our beloved labradoodle, is the newest addition to the family.

Olga Afonsky, weight loss nutritionist

I love gardening! So the best weekend for me is when I crawl back inside after digging in the dirt all day long. It is so rewarding to grow my food and even more fun to harvest it! I grow vegetables, berries, herbs, medicinal as well as culinary, and flowers. 

Olga Afonsky, weight loss nutritionist

I’m very much into cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. For instance, I love baking sourdough bread, fermenting and pickling, and making traditional Russian dishes like borsch. What a pleasure to gather around a table with my family and my friends!

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