Weight loss is about changing eating habits

Do you want to

  • Get off the weight-loss-weight-gain rollercoaster and never diet again?
  • Stop feeling anxious or guilty about every food choice you make?
  • Feel confident and attractive in your body and clothes?
  • Change your relationship with food and gain freedom from emotional overeating?
  • Stop worrying about the health implications of being overweight?
  • Find a long-term, sustainable solution to your weight loss problem?

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My Approach to Weight loss

Long-term excess weight is a complex, multi-factorial problem that involves your body and physiology, mindset and identity, and eating and lifestyle habits. To lose weight sustainably, we will use a process that engages you on all levels. Weight loss doesn’t have to be about depriving, controlling, and restricting yourself. We go at your pace and respect your preferences. We break the goals into small, doable, and even enjoyable steps. I coach you to build new eating habits that eventually become your second nature.

weight loss program

Solution - Personalized weight loss program

Package includes

  • One 60-minute initial consultation
  • Two 45-minute follow-up sessions
  • Online platform with a food and lifestyle journal app
  • Secure messaging system to connect between the sessions
  • Health history, food journal, and lab reviews
  • Personalized action plan


One payment of $449

Please note that I don’t accept insurance but can offer you a superbill to submit for reimbursement. Click the link for more insurance information.

Weight loss Process

Before we meet for your initial consultation, you fill out a form that helps us learn about your starting point. It includes your health history, health goals, symptoms across the body, lifestyle, and diet. In addition, the 3-day food diary gives me detailed information about eating style. If you have recent lab results, it’s also helpful for me to see them. I request you to send the forms to me via the portal a day before our meeting. This way, we have more time during the consultation to create a plan and address your need

We start our partnership with a 60-minute session that allows us to establish trust, clarify your goals and objectives, and dig deeper into your story. Often we discuss what you’ve tried in the past to lose weight, what worked and what didn’t. 

Toward the end of the session, we’ll discuss and prioritize your long-term goals and break them into small, doable steps. As a result, you leave with a clear objective and a couple of changes to incorporate into your daily life.

Your first follow-up session is scheduled 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation. A week is plenty of time to practice the changes and not too much time for life to get in the way.
We go over the initial changes and see how well they worked for you. We build on steps that worked, and we learn from the ones that didn’t work. Then, we make adjustments to the plan if needed. Because we go at your pace, it’s easy to be successful. As a result, you feel good and motivated to continue.

Your plan might include:

  • New foods to try to replace other foods
  • Adjusted timing of meals
  • Suggestions on dealing with cravings
  • Meal planning 
  • Tips on dealing with stress and difficult emotions, like grounding techniques that work better than food
  • Trigger food exploration exercises
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Lab suggestions

We meet 1-2 weeks following the second consultation. We reassess your plan, your comfort level with it, and whether it gave you a desired weight loss rate. The number on the scale, however, is not the only way to measure your success.
We refine your plan and determine the next steps. Sometimes we employ new tools to speed up the process. Other times, it’s better for you to focus on mastering the skills you are already working on.
More often than not, our work needs to continue past the initial 3-session package. We discuss the options and choose the best one for you.

Unfortunately, many of my clients suffer from conditions that are strongly associated with excess weight. I’m talking about elevated blood sugar, cholesterol, other lipids issues, blood pressure, fatigue, joint pain, and digestive discomfort like reflux and bloating. While I primarily use food as medicine to help heal the body, I might also recommend specific supplements, herbs, and impactful lifestyle changes.

Kind words from my clients

Olga Afonsky has been my nutritionist for about a year now. I'm learning so much from her. She is professional and very knowledgeable about food and body chemistry. Olga listens and incorporates your personal lifestyle habits and dietary needs. She is creative in helping you establish a nutritional food plan that helps support you reach your health and nutritional goals. I recommend her highly.
Washington, DC
I should open by saying Olga helped me lose forty pounds. My blood sugar, which was borderline diabetes, and blood pressure, which was borderline hypertension, are both now within normal range with no meds. I can’t recommend Olga more highly.
Washington, DC
Olga is a very knowledgeable nutritionist. I know A LOT about nutrition from a scientific degree and interest and she taught me so much. She's also supportive and has a focus on sustainability while providing guidance. I would recommend her to anyone especially folks interested in low carb/keto though she could provide any eating style guidance as well. Highly recommend!
Wow, Ms Afonsky was absolutely the best person to speak to about my sugar addiction/weight gain issues. She listened like a friend and gave advice like a wise nutritionist. Ms. Afonsky helped me pinpoint the underlying reasons for my constant sugar cravings and how to avoid them. I am happy to say that 7 days after meeting with Ms. Afonsky, I lost a solid 5 pounds. Incredible right? She's just that good. Thank you, Ms Afonsky
Washington, DC

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