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Free yourself from food cravings in three simple ways

Food cravings might be a part of your battle to lose weight. Maybe you crave specific foods you find irresistible, like pizza, chips, bagels, chocolate, or cupcakes. Or your cravings are not about a particular food but rather about eating when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, bored, or sad. In either case,...

How often should you eat?

As a nutritionist, I give my clients the following recommendations on how often you should eat to encourages weight loss:  Have a regular meal schedule that works in your day Avoid snacking Eat three or fewer times a day Try skipping a meal a couple of times a week

I gained back all the weight I lost! Now what?

People often say: "I gained back all the weight I lost!" Did you experience this as well? If you struggled with weight loss for years, you probably tried all kinds of diets with the same results. The weight keeps coming back. Each time you give the weight loss another go,...