Honey and Onion Syrup to Cure Cough Naturally

Honey and Onion Syrup is very safe, effective and tasty cough cure that even your kids will love. While it soothes the irritated throat, it also thins the mucus out and makes it easier to cough stuff up. One of the best things about it is that it takes no time at all to make. And all you need is two very common ingredients – honey and onion. Too good to be true! I also recommend to use Elderberry Syrup in conjunction to this honey and onion syrup.

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

  • Honey is rich in minerals, enzymes, several B vitamins, prebiotics and antioxidants.
  • It has strong antibacterial properties and served humans as food and as medicine for millennia.
  • You can use it topically to treat minor burns and cuts and to heal wounds.
  • Honey reduces irritation in the throat and on the skin.
  • Most of honey’s medicinal properties come from small amounts of bee pollen and propolis. Propolis, for example, is the sticky resin that comes from trees. Bioflavonoids in propolis have powerful antibiotic, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities. While bees use it to protect their hives, we use it to protect our health.
  • To maintain its medicinal qualities raw honey should never be heated above 118F.

Health Benefits Of Onion

Onions have volatile oils that contain sulfur compounds. While they give onion its acrid taste and smell they are also medicinal. They easily disperse throughout the body and can enter the interior of bacteria and fungal organisms and interfere with their machinery. They also stimulate white blood cell production – the ones that provide our body’s own defense and protection.

Alliin is another important compound in the onion and especially in garlic. When we slice the onion and expose it to air it gets activated and converted into allicin. Allicin is a strong antimicrobial – the quality that is important for us when dealing with respiratory infections.

honey and onion syrup

Honey and Onion Syrup for Cough


1 big onion, thinly sliced
1-2 Tbsp raw honey

  1. Place onion into a jar or a bowl.
  2. Add honey and mix well, cover and let infuse for 30-60 minutes at room temperature.
  3. Move the onion slices to the side or press down with a spoon. There will be plenty of juice. Take 1 tsp every couple hours for a younger child and 1 Tbsp for an older child and adults. DO NOT give raw honey to babies less than 1 year old.
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