Weight loss and nutrition – real time conversation – My First Podcast


Real time conversation about nutrition and weight loss

As a nutritionist and a weight loss specialist I read a lot about both topics. As a result, I sometimes lose track of what’s common knowledge and what’s not, what people are interested in the vast field of nutrition. That makes it hard to pick a topic for a presentation or to write about.

One of my former client recently interviewed me for her podcast called Wallet Street. She mostly focuses on topics like money, tech and, as she puts it, everything in between. I guess that’s where I fall with my nutrition practice:)

The conversation was very open and informal and had a lot of questions that you might be curious to get answers to as well. Here is what we discussed:

  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • How to make healthy eating less time consuming
  • Challenges to sustainable weight loss
  • How Covid affected our eating habits
  • How to arrange your environment to make it easier to eat less
  • The role of your beliefs and mindset in changing eating habits

Eating healthy with Olga Afonsky